DigiSys Helps you to

Go Online

Your website, social accounts, business emails and strategies about how to connect to your customers online. We help you from initial planing to implementation and maintenance.

IT Systems Improvement

Your IT systems can help your business to operate better. We show you how your IT system makes your business grow. You will operate faster and achieve more in shorter time by using the right system.

Website Design and Hosting

We help you to plan for a website and connect it to your Social Accounts, CRM and Analytic tools. You will capture more leads and use your systems to convert them to happy customers.

Integrated Accounting

We show you how to use your accounting system. Your accounting software can connect to CRM, Website, Inventory System and other tools to automate your work. It will give you more insight about how your business is operating. You have better visibility to your business and you can make better decisions for your business.

Backup and Archiving

Every business generates data and that becomes their digital asset which needs protection. We show you how to take backup copies and archive your data. Old data can be archived for future access and live data needs to be accessible for intimidate use. We design and implement backup and archiving solutions for a reasonable price.


We help you design and implement your security solutions. From very advanced surveillance systems and smart cameras to network and services security.

Partner Companies:

Click in IT

Improve your online content and optimise your website for Search Engines


Access to models and connect with people who can represent your business in events and marketing campaigns.

Click with You

Photography and Photo Edit for commercial use


Design and implement security cameras and security software for your business

Save Money and Time,

You can save time, energy and money, by choosing the right systems for your business. We study your business and help you fix your IT problems. You will utilise systems and services to improve your business and mitigate risks. Contact us

Improve your business

by selecting right systems and services

Find Risks and Problems

and mitigate the risk and resolve system issues

Study your business

Design your IT solutions based on your business requirements

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